Thursday, 21 April 2016

GTA TBOGT mission passed sound for GTA SA

GTA TBOGT mission passed sound that replace your original GTA SA mission passed sound.
You need to use Alci's SAAT GUI FrontEnd or GFS to replace the original sound
Click here to download

My old related car retexture

This is my old related car retexture
MAN RR2 18.360(Modded from Hino Marcopolo)

My old related cleo mods

There is my old related cleo mod
Asleep Unleashed

My old related skins mod

There are my old related skins in GTAInside
The Girls Skin Pack
A Princess from AION
AION Causal dresses
Sleep Beauty Aurora
Snow White
Lin Chi-ling Bride outfit
Princess Peach
Anna Coronation Dress
Ariel New Outfits
7th Princess Kairi


Pingas mods is a database of GTA SA mods that made by me.
Since I give up GTA inside then I create this blog for my mods.
My gtainside