Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Chinese Paladin 5 A/B Girl skin pack(v1)

Chinese Paladin 5 A/B Girl Skin pack for GTA SA,these all are the ancient Chinese characters. 
These skins are converted from the original game by

I don't have enough point to download all models just only female in this pack,fuck !!!!!!

(The npc are Sequential in number and screenshots):
Long Tu/Xia Hou:

Kai Feng:


Qing Mu Village:


Main and sub characters:
Lady Ouyang(oyfr.dff):

Lin Yin(xjly.dff)

Cao Gu(xjcg.dff)

Ou Yang Qian(oyq.dff)

Ou Yang Qian - young(oyqy.dff)

Required(For noob):Skin selector

Here is the download link:
(This maybe the outdated version I am making a new version with more girls and another men pack too)

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