Sunday, 19 June 2016

[GTA SA]Princess Peach V2

Princess Peach V2 for GTA SA. 
Ported from the modded SSBB Peach model,
it is compatible to SSBB textures then you can retexture by SSBB one.
1.Find textures from here: Peach textures 
2.Open Brawlbox and extract PeachTexA and PeachTexB 
3.Open txdworkshop and replace above 2 files 
Brawlbox: Here 
Txdworkshop: Here
Whats new:
1.Fixed the head bug
2.Added Happy and Sleep mood

These are the screenshots



Happy(Peach is in the Furore GT):

Required(FOr noob):Skin selector

Here is the download link:

*If you want to find the enb in SS it is Vickybrouwer ENB

*You need this mod to make CJ sleep:

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